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ICG Manager + ERP


ICG Manager ERP


Business Management Software


The ICG Manager Software is the centre of operations in the ICG infrastructure. Manager is ICG's Enterprise Management Software ( Erp ). Its different versions allow you to adapt to any company that has multiple sites , which allows the total centralisation of data, configuration and activity . The different modules available allow you to manage all areas of the company with total efficiency, security and versatility. Its powerful reporting module, Cubes and Business Intelligence allow you to analyse the company in a very comprehensive way.



ICG Remote


Communications Software


ICG Remote is software that works as a Web Service (SOAP) that allows unattended and real-time communication between head office and stores . It allows the creation and update of items, references and prices centrally. Control of inventory in real time from any store. Centralised Customer Loyalty System in real time. Communication system that allows it to work in On Line (connected to internet) and Off Line (without internet access), it allows head office and stores to continue working. It is natively integrated with ICG Manager and the different Front Office ICG solutions (FrontRetail, FrontRetail Mobile, FrontRetail AutoSale, Front Rest, HioPos Cloud, etc.).



ICG DataExchange


Data Exchange Software


ICG DataExchange is a software that allows the full integration of third - party applications in a transparent and bidirectional way, such as ERP (SAP, Oracle, Dynamics, Xero, MYOB, Sage , B2C (Magento, Prestashop, Apps, etc.), Data Mining (PMML), etc

ICG DataExchange also allows to create import and export patterns (mapping) to facilitate the tasks of updating massive data (import of supplier rates, massive price update, etc). The execution of these processes can be scheduled (single or recurring task) to be performed in an unattended manner .





- SQL server database

- Multiuser

- Multi-company accounting

- Accounting multi-company

- Communication with FrontRest and FrontRetail

- Communication with FrontHotel

- Unlimited bound boundaries

- B2B relation

- International Management

- Unlimited number of sales rates

- Mix & Match - Offers and promotions

- Customer loyalty cards

- Creating new items

- Budgeting

- Orders and delivery notes

- Automatic Sales Invoicing

- Shopping Forecast

- Orders, Delivery Notes and Invoices

- Inventory

- Inventory analysis

- Warehouse Transfers

- Distribution of multi-ware Stocks

- Stocks balance between warehouses

- Sales Replacement

- Replenishment of minima

- Manufacturing Orders

- Treasury (Collections, Payments)

- Remittances

- Accounting

- Documentation Traceability

- Lots and Serial Numbers

- Analytical Statistics and Cubes

- Daily invoicing

- Periodical invoicing

- Loan Borrowing

- Serve orders

- Activities and services

- Catalogue

Management modules

Quotations: Quotations by items for management control.

Customer risk: Client risk control.

Traceability: Follow-up of operations from quotations to collection.

Commissions: Sales and commissions per seller. Control of settlements.

Billing modes: Mass billing of delivery notes, periodic fees, invoicing, e-invoicing, etc.

Batch, Series, Sizes and Colours: Complete batch management and expiration dates( traceability ). Serialisation of articles. Management of Sizes and Colours. Labelling, re-labelling, inventory, costs, etc.

Mix & Match: Promotions, discounts, coupons, points, gift cards, etc. Multiple configurations.

Loyalty: Multiple cards per customer. Accumulation and exchange of points. Linked with Mix & Match.

Shipping: Preparation of delivery notes. Shipping labels. Delivery items.

Inventories: Inventory and re-counting. Automatic regularisation of units without stock. Planning and analysis of inventories.

Purchasing: Automatic generation of purchase orders.

Actions: Able to perform massive discontinuation of articles without stock, Multi-warehouse stock distribution.

PocketManager (optional): Mobile solution for warehouse management.

Procurement: Automatic generation of purchase orders based on stock levels and delivery time.

Reception, labelling and location: Reception of orders, labelling and location in the warehouse.

Automatic generation of purchase orders: Stock replenishment by sales. Replenishment of minimum by item.

Maximum and minimum stock per item: Automatic calculation of the recommended minimum per item.

Manufacturing of orders

Automatic creation of production orders

Automatic labelling

Ranking of sales by items, customers, business areas, departments, brands...

Comparisons of sales and purchases of various periods (accumulated monthly, accumulated monthly of the previous year, accumulated annual, accumulated annual of the previous year, monthly, daily, for days of the week...)

Sales by time, by days of the week...

Dynamic and graphic cubes, columns...

Items without rotation, items on highs, items under minimum stock levels.

Current inventories, inventories to date, transfers between warehouses...

Payments and pending payments, Cashflow.

Export to Excel and e-Mail

Other modules

Booking of activities

Employee Schedule

Management of resources (beds, platforms, cabins, etc.)

Assignment of activities to packs (hotel pack, services, etc.)

Data management of customers, suppliers, contacts and employees.

Call records, visits and agreements.

Customising customer and contact information.

Navigation from the customer card to documents, outstanding charges, activities and services.

Planning and scheduling of the sales team.

Send SMS to any part of the world to customers, suppliers, sellers or contacts.

Segmentation of clients, with or without sales.

Automation of mass mailings and SMS.

Points can be redeemed for discounts.

Generation of coupons and associated promotions to selected clients.

Receiving real-time sales of all stores.

Mass creation and distribution of data (Items, tariffs, etc.) to all stores. Central and massive exchange and deployment of prices, offers and promotions. Centralised purchases for all stores. Centralised administration of stores and user profiles.

Centralised control of stocks, finance and accounting.

Fast commissioning of a new store from Head Office.

Centralised stock and loyalty: Possibility to view the stock of other stores and customer points processing of all stores.