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ICG FrontRest Point of Sale Software is the world's most recognised work tool for the hospitality and catering industry. Its interface is very intuitive and easy to use without sacrificing any functionalities. Designed for use on touch screens.


FrontRest helps waiters to take orders quickly, prompting with modifiers and special offers.

Pizzas by portions

Ingredients selection for the whole pizza, half or quarter, depending on the client’s preferences.


The Delivery system saves customer records in a file keyed by telephone number, so employees do not have to re-enter the customer’s information when the same customer reorders. Orders can be sent directly to the POS via your website or Facebook.


Each order can be sent to a kitchen printer or it can be shown on a kitchen screen, reducing preparation time.


Sales ranking by items, sellers or customers; comparative between time periods, production...


Each dish can have a recipe in order to control cost and inventory.

Cellar / Warehouse

Manage consumption and turnover of each item for 1 Store or a 100.


Increase your income and earn your customer’s loyalty with different cards: Prepaid, VIP’s, points, etc.

Special Offers & Menus

Set up menus and special offers by the hour and day of the week (2x1 in drinks, get your dessert by adding $2...)

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