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ICG Analytics


ICG Analytics


All the information about your business in real time. ICGAnalytics is a dashboard system that allows you to navigate through your business information from any place and device, with just one click, thanks to KPI, tables, graphics, and cubes. With ICGAnalytics you can compile, analyse and transform the information necessary for decision making in real time. By connecting to ICGManager, FrontRest, FrontRetail databases, the information is shown fast and without delay. Different to other BI systems, ICGAnalytics offers information at the same time as the data is generated.




Main features



- Real-time information from any device

- Desktop version and smartphone version

- Easy and intuitive: navigation through reports in a single click

- Presentation of visual information using tables, graphs, cubes and KPIs

- Accurate information thanks to unique data sources

- Scalable to the size of each business. Ideal for franchises and chains

- Directed to owners and managers of single or multi store businesses

- Predefined sales, archaeology, T&A control, loss prevention, purchasing, accounting ...

- No integration dependencies